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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Airstreams

Is there a toilet in the Airstreams?

Yes, there are composting water-free toilets in all the caravans.

Are the composting toilets easy to use?

Yes, extremely easy. They may seem a little unfamiliar at first, but they are easy to use. 

Do I have to empty the composting toilet?

No, the toilets are emptied by Glamstreams after your stay (or during longer stays).

Can my pet stay?

Glamstreams are huge animal lovers, but unfortunately you will not be able to have your pooch, kitty, budgie, ferret or any other animal in the Airstreams. If you have a Guide or Service Dog, please contact us directly.

Can I use candles and incense in the Airstreams?

No, for safety reasons, and for the comfort of subsequent guests, we do not allow the burning of candles, incense, or the use of any strong-smelling products.

Is there wi-fi in the Airstreams?

No, I’m afraid there is no wi-fi in the Airstreams.

Are the Airstreams heated?

Yes, there is hot air heating and central heating in the Airstreams.

Do the Airstreams have air conditioning?

No, they don’t.

Is there hot water in the Airstreams?

Yes, all the Airstreams have hot water.

Are there 3-pin plug sockets in the Airstreams?

Yes, there are.

Are there usb sockets in the Airstreams?

Yes, there are.

Is there a shaver socket in the Airstreams?

No unfortunately there isn’t. There are 3-pin sockets and usb sockets, though, so you could use an adaptor.

What do I need to bring?

The Airstreams are fully kitted out self-catering units, but you will need to bring all food and drink. We provide salt, pepper only. All linens and towels are provided, however beach/sunbathing towels are not included.

Can you lock the Airstreams?

Yes, all vans have locks with keys. We do ask for a refundable deposit for the door keys.

Can I smoke in the Airstreams?

No. We do not allow smoking or vaping inside the caravans.

Is there a safe in the Airstreams?

No, there is no safe. The Airstreams can be locked securely, but guests must be responsible for any valuables they bring. As with most camping scenarios, we would recommend that you leave valuable items at home. We do recommend that you take out your own travel insurance, also.


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