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Who we Are

Who are we?

We give you… Glamstreams!

In 2019 Nick decided to take on the crazy project of shipping Airstream caravans from the USA and refurbishing them for rental in the UK at festivals, parties, corporate launches and as off-grid accommodation. With his vision, desire for a new challenge, mix of business & life skills and (most importantly) sense of humour, he made it happen.

Where are we?

Glamstreams Ltd is based in the beautiful county of Frome Somerset, England. We can travel all over the UK, delivering luxury accommodation where it is needed – be that music festivals, wedding parties, corporate product launches, glampsites, movie lots, off-grid work sites – wherever!

As we say here at Glamstreams – if we can get our 30 foot beauties through your gate, we will be there.

Our Ethos

Respect for people, respect for the planet
At Glamstreams we believe in respecting others, be they customers renting our Airstreams, craftsmen and women helping us to build the best caravans we can, or companies supplying the many elements of the vans. We strive to deal fairly and reasonably with all those with whom we come into contact on our journey. We also aim to run our business with honesty and integrity at all times.

At the same time, respect for our planet is at the heart of what we do. Refurbishing the Airstreams has resulted in a degree of product consumption, manufacture and delivery miles – that is undeniable. However, we have endeavoured to make good choices in the design of the vans and the products we use, to re-build caravans which are as environmentally sensitive as we can make them today.

From the solar panels to the composting toilet, and from biodegradable consumables to our plant based frying pans, we strive to offer accommodation which is as planet friendly as possible.

And of course, restoring these stunning vintage Airstreams is in itself an enormous act of recycling.


Here are some of the companies whose products we love to use:

Separett composting toilets
Nature’s Head composting toilets
Friendly Turtle eco-friendly kitchen and bathroom products
Ecover cleaning products
Method cleaning products
Who gives a crap toilet paper
Greener Lifestyle eco-friendly products

Our Environmental Ambitions

During the process of rebuilding these classic Airstream caravans, Glamstreams has tried to take an environmentally sensitive path wherever possible. Here are some of the principles we work by:
Our aim has always been to produce caravans which can be off-grid, to minimise their impact. The vans have solar panels and water-free composting toilets, so that you can take them to remote places. (Read more on the fabulous Separett and Nature’s Head composting toilets.)

We recycle and reuse wherever possible. We repair and re-use original parts from the Airstreams, such as aluminium panels, for example.

We shop locally where possible – and that can mean 5 miles down the road, or Europe, depending!

We look for products which are environmentally sensitive. For example, our bin bags are biodegradable, the frying pans are plant based & recyclable, and we’re proud to say that all cleaning products are cruelty free.

We only source wood and wood products, such as our worktops, from FSC certified suppliers.

Rather than buying the cheapest appliances, we have sourced those which (we hope) have been built to last. We believe that in-built obsolescence is immoral.

Our funky outdoor furniture is second-hand and upcycled.

We encourage our guests to use the compost caddy, and to sort waste properly, to keep as much as possible out of landfill sites.

At Glamstreams premises we are keen recyclers, composters and single-use-plastic deniers. Our aim is to send as little to landfill as possible..

Nick Mongston

Nick has extensive experience in events, sales and marketing. Having spent many years in the USA in hospitality and events he moved back to the UK to work in sales and marketing in the technology and IT sector. In recent years he has been drawn back into the events industry working on a broad spectrum of projects, with a particular focus on infrastructure and team management, covering everything from festivals to corporates to glamping.

Nick Mongston

Founder and Director