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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Airstreams

Do you have a Welcome/Information booklet for guests?

Yes, we have a downloadable pdf with information on your stay with Glamstreams. Download it here.

Is the water in the Airstreams drinkable?

Yes, it is mains water.

How many people can sleep in an Airstream?

Beth the Blue and Bonnie sleep 5, and Gloria sleeps 4. For insurance, liability and space reasons we cannot accommodate more than these numbers. (If you have more than three children, however, contact us to talk about your booking.)
Please contact us directly about your booking if your family is more than five people, but includes young children. The maximum guest limit is generally geared to the number of adults who can stay legally and comfortably in the caravans, but clearly if you have four children under 10, for example, and you are happy with the sleeping arrangements on offer, this would not be a problem.

Is there a toilet in the Airstreams?

Yes, there are composting water-free toilets in all the caravans.

Are the composting toilets easy to use?

Yes, extremely easy. They may seem a little unfamiliar at first, but they are easy to use. 

Do I have to empty the composting toilet?

No, the toilets are emptied by Glamstreams after your stay (or during longer stays).

Can I bring my pet?

Glamstreams are huge animal lovers, but unfortunately you will not be able to have your pooch, kitty, budgie, ferret or any other animal in the Airstreams. If you have a Guide or Service Dog, please contact us directly.

Do you rent out cots and high chairs?

No, I’m afraid we don’t.

Can I have guests to stay overnight in the Airstream?

Unfortunately not. For safety, insurance and liability reasons, no more than the advertised number of people may sleep in the caravans. Beth and Bonnie both sleep 5, and Gloria sleeps 4. (See other FAQ link about families with four+ young children.)

Can I pitch a tent next to my Airstream?

If you wish to be joined by other household/family members, they can pitch one tent next to your Airstream. The fee for pitching a tent is £15.00 per night. They will be responsible for their own bedding, linens, etc.

However, please bear in mind that there are no toilet or shower facilities at Black Sheep Glamping, so everyone will be using your Airstream bathroom.

Can I use candles and incense in the Airstreams?

No, for safety reasons, and for the comfort of subsequent guests, we do not allow the burning of candles, incense, or the use of any strong-smelling products.

Is there wi-fi in the Airstreams?

No, I’m afraid there is no wi-fi in the Airstreams. But instead, you have the delights of Nature literally on your doorstep.

Are the Airstreams heated?

Yes, there is hot air heating in all caravans.

Do the Airstreams have air conditioning?

No, they don’t.

Is there hot water in the Airstreams?

Is there hot water in the Airstreams?

Are there 3-pin plug sockets in the Airstreams?

Yes, there are.

Are there usb sockets in the Airstreams?

Yes, there are.

Is there a shaver socket in the Airstreams?

No unfortunately there isn’t. There are 3-pin sockets and usb sockets, though, so you could use an adaptor.

What do I need to bring?

The Airstreams are fully kitted out self-catering holiday units, but you will need to bring all food and drink. We provide salt, pepper and cooking oil only. All linens and towels are provided, however beach/sunbathing towels are not included.
See below here for what is included in the Airstreams.

Can you lock the Airstreams?

Yes, all three vans have locks with keys. We do ask for a refundable deposit for the door keys.

Can I have guests to visit during the day at Black Sheep Glamping?

Yes, you can have guests to visit during the day. (This guidance is subject to change as Government restrictions are updated.) You can invite guests to join you between 10.00 am and 10.00pm.

Do you offer a bbq?

Yes, you can grill on the fire pits that are available for rent. Please do not bring your own bbq.

Do you rent out fire pits?

Yes, we do. Fire pits are £10.00 per day. We can supply logs for £15.00 per bucket. Please reserve fire pits before arrival.

Can I smoke in the Airstreams?

No. We do not allow smoking or vaping inside the caravans.

Is there a safe in the Airstreams?

No, there is no safe. The Airstreams can be locked securely, but guests must be responsible for any valuables they bring. As with most camping scenarios, we would recommend that you leave valuable items at home. We do recommend that you take out your own travel insurance, also.